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Another amazing piece.

Like RetromanOMG said, this is completely your style. It's just, the way you change it... Great job. Great, great job.

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! Your reviews are always appreciated.

6 Years Later...

Well, you've gotten quite popular, huh? It's such a strong coincidence that you've been making music for so many years and your first track is called "Sunrise". I've been listening to your songs ever since you made "Emotion Burst Locomotion". Great song. Great music. Great everything. Keep it up.

Great. I love it. So much.

What can I say? Another great piece, buddy. I especially loved the part from 1:05 to 1:18. It's not very suitable for most game bosses, though it has a hint of that kind of game material, doesn't it? It's more of an excellent techno trance. The may you put in the slider was great, and you really know how to make parts sound dynamic. The only problem is some parts don't sound exactly like they should go together. I find this more often than not in your songs, though this time they sound close. Not very much a problem though, as not the average listener would notice. The rest are all compliments, and I think you have enough of those. Great, great job.

I'm actually very suprised no one has used any of your songs in an animation. It will only be a matter time, with this song.

OpenLight responds:

Haha well thanks, man. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your support.

I agree that it doesn't fit for most bosses, but I pictured more of a dynamic and major boss, or the title could imply that this is a more major song of mine compared to the rest. Ha, either one.

I think I know what you mean about some of the parts not seemingly going together. I use a lot of jazzy scales (not jazz in mood, but in essence), so that may be what you're hearing. I also believe that brief dissonance can enhance the more coherent areas.

As for the using in animation thing, I may have an animator friend making a movie, but he also makes music so he may just use his own, haha.

I am up for any offers though! I'd be pumped to have it used in anything.


Way too repetitive.

I think every good song should have a base tune, but this is just too much. Probably 40 lines of one thing over and over again, except with maybe 1 note changed. It gets a little boring. It's a nice tune, but I can't get over that.
Also, what's with the 8 second space at the end? I use Fruity Loops 9 XXL and that doesn't happen for me. Oh, well, doesn't really matter.

I think that if you add some real variety, you could make this into a helluva song.

Feremak responds:

Thx for the comment drew, your view is really appreciated

Near Perfection.

It is by far your best musical creation. I mostly clicked on this because I thought it would be a remix of the song Passion from Kingdom Hearts 2, but there's no loss, because this is great. It sounds very professional. It wouldn't be fair, though, to give it a 10, because it was not perfect. I don't give songs that I think aren't perfect 10s. It's so close, though, I had to argue with myself with a few minutes what to give it. I really do like it. Keep making music.

OpenLight responds:


I really would like to know what exactly makes this song better than all of the rest. I'm sure I tried out some stuff with it that I didn't try in other songs, so let me know what parts are exceptionally good!

And I plan on making more music. Thanks for the encouragement!


Remixing all of your songs together isn't a bad idea, but this remix is just.... ugh. It doesn't work at all, I'm sorry. But you knew that already.

OpenLight responds:

Yeah, I tried to make the crappiest song I could. That 3 equates to a 9 in my book.

In other words, I'm hoping this song "fails."

A bit too plain at first, but still a great piece.

At parts with only one instrument, it doesn't sound great. I also think you could add much more, considering how nice it was in the original. It only gives a faint recognition of the original, and that's because I have traveled between Ludi and Orbis many times in the early parts of the game (2006-2007).
For compliments, some parts were really great. I'm giving it a 7/10. I think you should pursue techno remixes, but try to make it all hardcore, with about 10 instruments. I'm sure it will turn out great.

Sounded a little too much like the original.

I don't really like it. It was too simple, and the instruments are almost the exact same as the original. I can't really insult it more, since the original WAS great, but I feel you should add more instruments. It's too plain.
On the upside, you found the main instruments and remade their notes in perfection, something not everyone can do. Good job on that.

Combination of techno and trance at its best.

I really think this is a nice piece. I liked the beginning, how it went from big to small and then worked it's way up again. I also think the tune is really good, yet it posses great similarities to one of my oldest projects of music. Nevertheless, I see no major flaws, only a wide range of compliments. Great job.

Doesn't sound full enough.

I feel you didn't add enough instruments. Putting the 8-bit and the modern instruments together was a good idea, but not very creative (though I would have done the same thing, if FL Studio had an 8-bit). I did not like how you took out some of the notes in the main chorus, it made it sound awkward. Ameteur work at the best.

Cetaphobic responds:

Although I strongly disagree with what you said, I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

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