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Not great.

My first negative review of yours, I'm sad to say. You only used 1 real 8-bit instrument, and that one peaceful sounding melody + all of the hardcore drums is not a very good combination. The melody is great, though. The transaction was smooth, too.

I first clicked on this, looking for new songs on Newgrounds me and Open can remix, and then I saw the word 8-bit. I clicked on it, and listened for a little while, and decided to check out more of this guy's stuff.
Then I saw your name.

Well, you may want to make a new song, because this is good, but might not cut it for the RUNAGDM contest.

RetromanOMG responds:

If it turns out that this submission doesn't make it, then that's alright. All music is hit and miss, and considering who I'm up against, I can't really be mad if I lose.

I'm afraid I have neither the time nor the ideas to make a new submission, so I guess that's the way it'll have to be.

Oh, how I love 8-it music.

First of all, what a stroke of luck that my only real NG friend reviewed the song that I'm about to!
Well, I really love how everything really was pulled together, and all of those 8-bit instruments are so awesome. Perfect transaction! I may remix a song, too! Keep up the great work, jumping cat dude.

PainasaurusRex responds:

Haha, thanks, it's nice to see that people actually enjoy my music. And as I said to the person below me, you better tell me if you remix my music so I can listen to it.

You are absolutely right.

I did the math, played some music in my head, and you are right- there is no way to end this song. This is some great stuff, and even though your songs are long (I still can't get over it compared to mine), you've managed to keep the listener interested. The tune is perfect, and the chords are, too. I want to ask a big favor from you- can I put this in my RPGVX game?

P.S. If you don't know what RPGVX is, google it.

OpenLight responds:

Haha, I actually tried to use RPGVX a little while back but I didn't have the time. And yes, I'd be grateful in fact if you would!

I get a lot of my inspiration from bands who make longer songs, so that's why mine are getting longer and longer it seems. (These bands would be Rush, Dream Theater, etc., though I am no where near as good and my style isn't too similar, haha.) I'm glad to know I've succeeded in keeping the listener's interest, though! That's all I've ever wanted to do, and being rated well is just a great latent function.

PLEASE let me know whenever you release a beta, alpha, or even -alpha crap build of your game! It's bound to be awesome, and, since I've always had a passion for game production and programming, I can't wait to see it.

Had A Hard Time

I had a very hard time listening to the whole song. I don't think you realize this, but the NAME OF THE SONG IS VERY IMPORTANT. "That Toaster" isn't the greatest name in the world.

On to the song. It's good. Decent, everything was moderate. You might want to make the transition shorter, and more smooth. It was a little too long to my likings. I love the way everything was placed. The tune isn't great (it's not your fault, most aren't) but you made it sound extraordinary and professional. Nice work!

OpenLight responds:

I uploaded this spontaneously. I didn't care to even put the real version up, haha. This is the "mixed up" version that I sent to people. I have the real version in FL Studio and I'm still working with it. I was just hoping to get some helpful criticism to assist me in working with it. Unfortunately, so far all of the comments are about the random name I used instead of putting "WIP."

Ha, anyway, I'll let you know once I do something else with the real song.

If you listen very, very carefully...

The beginning is very identical to the beginning of Passion Modified, which is why most people just listened for 10 seconds, went "Meh," and turned away. But if you listen very carefully, the beginning instrument is a little different. You should be proud. This is a very good improvement.

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! Ha, yeah I made it exactly the same at first but I had an underlying instrument that increased in volume over time. Essentially, by the 10 second mark, it becomes mostly a new sound. I'm glad to know this song was somehow an improvement, especially since Passion Modified is still my most popular song.


When I saw this, I literally jumped in glee. It's really good, and I liked the beginning especially. It felt like a really good song, especially the ultimate solo right right in the middle. But it's a little distorted, and it could have used a little chord in the background. You've taken my song and changed it from super rave to D'n'Bass Ultimate Rave, and I'm proud. This is great.

OpenLight responds:

Yes! I've been waiting for your review, and I'm glad it didn't fall below 9.

Trust me, I tried a lot with this song, and theres a bunch I wish I could have changed but I didn't think about it until I posted it.

Yeah, up until that solo, I was sticking pretty close to the original song. Haha. I got to that point and gave up entirely on matching each note, and I decided to just go all out in a solo. I'm glad it worked!

I'm glad I could finally make a remix for you! I've been trying to find the right song for a while, and this one just hit me suddenly.

I almost never give 10s, but you earned it.

This is great. Perfect use of percussion, and the transaction is really good. This.... is very, very professional. Keep it up.


Forget what Chrononaut said. This is better than the original, and you've taken it to a classical and calmer/more passionate angle, which is good- considering the song name is called Passion. Great job :P

I still don't get why it's called Passion MODIFIED, though. Can you tell me why?

OpenLight responds:

Wow, I found this review by chance. I really need to keep up on this, haha.

Thanks for the great review! I used to think this song was better also, so it's good to have some backup on that.

Anyway, this is called Passion Modified for a reason. The feel of the song made me think of times when I have changed passions or motives, and the title basically refers to when you change something major about yourself. It's deep, yes. Hahaha.


It just doesn't work.

I don't usually give nooby reviews like this but..

FREAKING AWESOME. Keep it up! I love your music, and it was part of my inspiration!

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