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Jesus Christ I love pianos in my music.

The chorus is pretty sweet from right off the bat. And as mentioned before, choosing a piano was pretty awesome. Though I think you could've done more with the background sounds, and that the melody does seem to become repetitive, this is really not able to stand over the atmosphere (nice song title btw) of the song if you were listening casually.

1:48 is just great. Just to slip that in there.

I'm not a big fan of the drums near the end. (RetromanOMG's music taught me of the importance of extremely chill drums.)

In general, your music relied a little on the melody without enough compensation of background variation. This isn't a necessarily thing, but what you're making now is majorly more difficult than in 2010. It's an 8/10 for me, because I feel like no matter what others say you did what you could. 6 minutes long.... how do you even do it...

Well, enough from us. You've probably heard enough about this song. Work on making your next song chill as possible, and try to piece together reviews of both this work and previous ones to perfect... everything.

Good luck, man.

Sigh... it must have been over a year since I've rated one of your pieces. Well, OpenLight, it's been a while. Just going to say a few things about this.

It's pretty amazing how fluent this is compared to things that you've done in the past. From the resonance of the piano to the minimalist drums, it all just seems less rigid and more like a steady stream. I also noticed that you included some tunes, styles, and rhythms from past works. (I was surprised to find some parts of my Passion remix buried within the beginning. Maybe you did that subconciously?)

You've become so much greater of a composer since 2010, when I was first viewing your music. An arguable thing is that the drum came in a bit suddenly in 1:10, but it's cool because a rhythm was already established. However, I'm not sure this would be very fitting of a game. I don't know much about Battleblock Theater, so maybe I'm wrong.

I think you overlooked this because, the more you listen to this, the less slow it feels, but for people listening so intently for the first time, it's a bit too slow for a game. That's the only reason you didn't get a 5-star rating.

I'm definitely going to download and loop this music. It really is exceptional; something that can easily be compared to the top weekly audio. I hope this review could do your piece justice.


OpenLight responds:

I was psyched to see that I got a review from you. Of course, thanks to the new site design, it's harder for me to figure out when people review my songs, which sucks, so I just now saw this.

Thanks for the review! I'm always improving I feel, and that comes at the price of songs being harder and harder to finish. I'm glad you liked this song though! And yeah, I was pretty much just trying to get in BBT in whatever way possible since The Behemoth is AWESOME.

I'll keep in mind everything you said. Thanks!

I agree.

This song is not so much for robots. It sounds actually very heartfelt, and could be background music for a game or something (IDK.) But yeah, not really suitable for Robot Day. I really like it, though! If only I could get out of my stupid writers block :/

9/10 because I love what you did with the drums. Keep it up!

Atundra responds:

Thanks man! Good luck with your writers block xD

A few things on this one...

Hey, I'm no dance expert, but here's what I think.

The drums could use some work, but seriously, you still have better instrument choice than me, so :/ Meh.

You should have added a little more in 2:00. I mean, honestly, for me the whole thing sounded like something was missing. Stronger beat? Bass? I'm not sure. But you should experiment a little more.

I really like it, though. :P

I love Canon :D

That aside, this is really good! Sometimes, you look at a song, admire it and look at it from every angle, and decide that it would make a REALLY epic remix. You could have added a better drum beat in my opinion, but otherwise, it's great. Like ThePal said, there needs to be more change.

DjClyme responds:

like my previous song, i intended this to be somewhat repetitive, just not to the point of being obnoxious. thanks for yet again, reviewing another one of my songs! I'm really glad you liked it. :)


Really gives that feeling of mystery.

Would be great for a game! It reminds me of being in some kind of spaceship surrounded by people you don't know. 0:53 changed it up- for the better! I like it. Sorry I haven't been updating for a while :/ but I'm working on a project. Overall, great job!

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! Hope your project is going well.

Trancy, but emotional.

It seems very full and emotional, but I can see why you put it under Miscellaneous- I can hardly imagine this in a game (1:25 added to the emotion but also ensured that it wouldnt be right for an emotional clip area unless it was cut out.) I don't really know what to make of this song's future, but what I do know is that it was great and very beautiful. This remix is remarkable!

OpenLight responds:

Thank you! I loved making this.

Beat is so catchy!

This song is great! You were right, it does sound really great. Around 0:45 you should have added a little more backbone to the rave, and the kick should have been a tad louder around 1:00 in my opinion. But it's all good! 5/5 and 9/10 for the DJ here.

(P.S. check out some of my music too!)

Oakwood responds:

Gah, shit. Backbone! Should've thought of that. And you're probably right about the kick too, though it doesn't really function as a real kick, it's more of a...ehm...sub-kick? Anyway, thank you!

Oh, and don't worry, I'll return the favor! ;)

This is true dance.

People who have never looked or heard a dance song before, DjClyme is the way to start. His songs? Amazing. His style? Couldn't get better. And that catchy choice of instruments? If you made a song three hours long, I would listen to the whole thing. DjClyme, you are a true artist. You added a lot of variety to this piece, but I feel you could have evened it out a little better. (Funny, something like THAT coming from me- I don't exactly practice what I preach.) However, most can't tell, and this is really great! 9/10 and 5/5!

DjClyme responds:

thanks for a great review! :)

Let your anxiety melt away...

I really love the vibe that this is giving off. Ambient, relaxing, trancing, and just great. You progress it at just the right speed for your tone. This is pretty awesome!

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