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Nice job!

Hey, this is great! Not much to say here; not really in a reviewing mood. Just saying, this really lets out a creative, thoughtful yet happy vibe. Very relaxed. You should have put in a little more background chords. The bass around 1:00 is really nice though. This trumps any music happy I can ever come up with! Keep up the good work!

HeavenSent responds:

To be honest, I only worked on this thing for about 30 minutes. Ya know, just one of those moments where your just like, 'Hey lets create some music!' outta nowhere. I really wasn't going for a masterpiece or anything lol. Yeah there are a LOT of things that could be added to this to make it better, but I'm too lazy to do it lol.

Hey thanks for reviewing. Appreciate it.

An excellent theme.

This would make a wonderful boss theme. I will email this to all of my buddies who are currently looking for music in their flash! Just wonderful!

Great. I love 8-bit songs!

Hey, I'm back! This song is really full of a sense of curiosity and discovery, excitement and mystery. Anyone can cobble together 8-bit instruments into a song, but the style you put it in really sounded like it could be on the NES. I love it. The bass and drums could have been more dynamic, but otherwise, I think you did alright there. :P

BallinFatty responds:

thanks. i got kinda lazy with the drums. i dont have actual VST's, so the drums are actually other wasp instruments with one of the presets turned all the way up. (except for the bass, thats one requires one knob turned off) it takes a while to configure it all, so naturally, it takes forever.

anyways, i'm glad you enjoyed it. thanks again for the review, 9, and your time in listening

I'd recognize that rave lead anywhere...

The song is very great, but the rave lead just made me burst out laughing. I use that in more than half of my songs! Well, nevertheless, I love your awesome pieces. I can tell by the Urahara on your cover that you're an anime person, and kinda a 8-bitsy person. Haha, me too! You make great music, and by the looks of it, many people agree with me.

alfraydo responds:

haha oh this ol' rave lead? gotta love 3xOsc lol

yes i am an anime person lol. thanks to megaman, i am also an 8-bitsy person. thanks for your review and awesome words of support!

Slow yet catchy drumbeat is always there

In all of your songs I notice a great drumbeat. Though mediocre, the instruments always give the maximum impact power and feel. Your song is great, by the way. The chords are not the best, but the way you mix it up, just like in your other songs, makes it sound so great and professional that I'm compelled to listen to ALL of your pieces. Great, great, great. 10/10.

(P.S. Check out my music, too! :D)

Great piece!

I just love the melody. The beginning was mediocre. As I kept listening, it just kept building and building, and within a minute of the song I was left listening intently to one of the catchiest tunes I've ever heard in my life. I think the drums pulls everything together perfectly. I don't understand why this song ever had to end... XD I love it!

Caine1989 responds:

Thank you very much, means a lot... i am glad you like it...

Hooked from the start.

I love it. It just gives that amazing feeling of tranquility at the start, and I can tell you put a lot of passion into this. Though it has a predictable chorus, you changed it up a lot. You use FL Studio, I assume? Where the hell did you get that bass and the violins? Your song is great, and the repetitivity is drowned out by the interest and the feel of excitement and tension. Love it, love it, love it. 10/10. I'll be looking forward to your songs, ShikiGami.

ShikiGamiLD responds:

I'm using 100% Reason for that one song. All those are Reason's refills.

So you're taking requests now?

Could I get a rave song then? Haha, just kidding. It really is a great piece you made, though. Though repetitive, it suits it, because I can tell it was made to be background music for some kind of game. Honestly, I love it. The way you pulled this off was awesome. It has that 8-bit feel to it. There are a few parts that are off-tune (just to me) and because of that, I did not give a perfect score. Don't get me wrong though. :P I love it.

PainasaurusRex responds:

Sweet, thanks for taking time, it means a lot, especially if your busy. I appreciate the input. I'll definitely look into making it more in tune. Thank you again.



You did a great job on this. The original Matoya's Cave sounded a little strange, but you turned tha tall around. You gave it an excellent, good twist, and I love the instruments and the placements. And again, the stock hat... people say it's bad, but I love it. The reason I didn't give a ten is because of the kick; I think you'd be better off with a different kick, like a kick drum or something. Next time try FPC.

9/10. :D

Realmguys responds:

Its not FL at all, I use cubase and a yamaha synth. Very crappy drum patches by today's standard for sure, I can see why you would think it was a Fruity Loops sample :) Drums are definitely something I struggle with, but I really appreciate the feedback and review. Glad you liked my cheese hat sound :P

Perfection. I love the feel.

You inspired me with your songs, and this song is just great. The drums from the beginning, and the awesome 8-bit instrument. Though a bit repetitive, the captivating rythmn and choice of sounds to use keeps me dragging along. The bass is great, too. When I make music as good as you do, I will be truly satisfied.

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