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Takes skill.

Or experience. Either one, you've got it. Complicated, catchy, easy to hum to, and it all fits. Great job.

HumanDrumMachine responds:

Thank you. I think I've got a bit of both.

Nice, and trippy.

Hey, nice work! I feel bad you didn't get much viewers so far, because that makes people want to quit when they've got such great talent. And this is the work of someone with great talent. Everything just flows, and you don't find many good Lavender Town remixes. I can't say for sure your style. Do you want to be some kind of trippy creeper artist? Hmm....

Anyway, nice job. You must have added a whole lot of special effects to miraculously make a file 3 minutes long almost 8 MB.

PurpullHayze622 responds:

That means a lot, thank you. I'm still a novice, so hearing someone complimenting my work gives me reason to keep trying.

Pretty amazing.

It's really good. Wasting the potential on a silly little ringtone is a no-no. This is too epic to be something informing you your mom will be yelling at you in 3 seconds. No, this is pretty dang awesome. Everything flows, and as intended, it was a compact loop. I know you made it 5 months previously, but it is really above and beyond.

YouriX responds:

thank you for the kind words. Yeah maybe i'll make a better extended version ;)

Pretty darn trippy, but awesome.

I loved it, and the jack-in-the-box made me feel like I was being totally watched. I turned around and saw my brother dancing to the music. Yay for 8-bit instruments! I agree with OpenLight, you make a way to put 3 tunes and give them the same feel, like you did with Expedition to Mount Revenant. You must be desperate, or a tree-hugger, if you went all that way.

RetromanOMG responds:

Oh, it's nothing about tree-hugging, Drew. As I made the songs, I made them transition between the way they felt. Expedition is imposing and slightly sad, while Caves is dark and brooding, and Sapling is lighter and hopeful. That said, what's more hope-inspiring than some plant growing uninterrupted on the peak of some cold, dead mountain?

Thanks for the review, it's always nice to get people's feelings on my songs.

A calming piece.

I especially liked the base line. When it changed at 0:50, I thought it was a little weird, but it quickly settled into the song. The parts didn't really flow well, but you made up for that with how catchy it is. You might want to make the base instruments a little louder. Great.

I'm gonna have to get louder speakers!

OpenLight responds:

Haha, thanks. This was a little hard to do because I've never made anything piano based that wasn't almost entirely piano before.

Hey, if you have time, haha, you should DEFINITELY submit something to my contest. I need someone who can do an awesome solo.

Great trance piano. 4/5

It's really good. It flows, which is very important in trance. However, considering the 2-minute limit (I know that's really pissing off a lot of people) the climax ended too soon. I had to turn my speakers up, which isn't a real problem, but maybe you should adjust that. All in all, a great piece. :P one of your best.

DjClyme responds:

lol thx :) i hope to eventually completely remake this.

Awesome jazz, 4-star.

How do I explain it? It's great. You made everything flow smoothly, and I really liked it. Classy, and from the beginning to about 1:00 it described wonder. It's like D'n'B. I really didn't like the random pause in the middle; it could have been removed or put somewhere else for a greater effect. It's very good.

Classic D'N'B with a.... trippy solo!?

Pretty awesome. Title of my review says it all, and you've earned my respect!

Awesome song.

And @Melodyweaver, the prodigy of music doesn't want his work stolen, so DON'T FREAKING STEAL HIS MUSIC. This man has been my role model for 3 years. Don't get any ideas.

I could never pull this off. Great job!

You just took that one little tune from His World and made it great. The transaction was insanely smooth, the risky techniques you put in there worked well, and you just put everything together great. I really love it! I gotta take a point off for only using 1 tune, and not having in the favorite part of my song. You're right, Pika, I want to jump up and dance.

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