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You're the reason I started making music...

...and it doesn't stop here. Your songs, new or old, are always perfect. And if they aren't, they're sure as hell close. I love the feel of this! Piratish indeed, Mr. Waterflame.

How the hell do you do this.

First of all, the DRUMS. HOW. I was horrible at drums and basslines from the beginning, and couldn't get an 8-bit instrument on FL Studio 9 for my life. Then you pulled one out of your butt. You have a real talent for that. (If you're confused, it's a compliment.)
And the way you arranged it! This is awesome. You're more talented than me and Open combined.

RetromanOMG responds:

Thanks you for the compliment. If you want to know what 8 Bit instrument I use, it's Magical 8Bit Plug by YMCK and the drums I use are the Amen Break, a pretty common drum loop you can find virtually anywhere. Everything else, namely the Bassline and Gabber Kicks I put in randomly through the song are made in 3xOsc, which I think comes with FL9.

As for actually making it all work, it's all about digging deep into your programs and figuring out how to tweak them. The better half of this song's production was figuring out how to create things like the bassline, leveling off the volume in different areas and properly automating most of the effects.


I'm too lazy to write a full review for you, so I picked out a random number that suits you. Where the hell did you get those instruments, though? What are their names? I need 8-Bit instruments.

BallinFatty responds:

sorry about the late respnse... didnt see this review here.

if you're using FL studio 8, go to the wasp setting and use "Vsynth1". minor tweaks to the presets and boom!! u now have sounds equvilent to the ones in this songs. for a better sounding 8-bit (better-sounding as in almost legit) i recently found that you can use the "MaxDist", but it requires a LOT of tweaking to get it to sound right. almost impossible to describe in text

hope this helps. thanks for the review, 8, and your time in listening :D

Not bad.

Some notes here. I'm a tough pickle, so don't spam me with "YOU HATER" and "YOU SUCK." Honestly, the overall take was very good. I loved the bass a lot, but the instrument at 0:12 was very weak, and after the main chord comes in, I feel like you should have kept that beat immediately after. However, this is just my opinion. Also, the wah-wah synths aren't great for techno. Now, the parts I LIKED. FIrst off, I already said your bass was great. Though a little repetitive, the whole song held off really good, and around 2:00, my interest was renewed in the change of chord. Not many can pull that off easily. Your drums were much better than I could ever manage, too. I award you a humble 7/10. I can tell that you love music. Don't stop making it. I'll be hearing more from you.

BallinFatty responds:

(i wish newgrounds new-review update lasted longer than 3 days...)

no spam. i like these kind of reviews. this is actually really helpful. now that you mention all this, i think i'm going to redo this, maybe add in a little more. this was made 3 years ago. i agree with every point you made, like i said tho, this is an old submission, made before i used the tricks i do now. if you manage to read this, in the near future, a newer version will be uploaded upon completion.

anyways, thanks for the review, 7, and your time in listening!!

Mario Paint...

I gotta give you credit for making awesome old school like music, but I lost interest quickly. Go with FL Studio next time, kay? :P

NekoMika responds:

Might do so in the future once I get it again and get the hang of it. Really like Mario Paint though since there is an endless amount of songs you can create with it.

Have a good day dude.

Savage, if you don't appreciate rave...

Get your freaking butt out of this place, because you do not know what you're talking about. This is GREAT. Only a few things to say about this one. First of all, your main instrument isn't very strong or loud. Also, extremely repetitive. I have enough love for rave to keep listening, but some don't. Nevertheless, this is an awesome song, and I hope your song gets chosen!

P.S. If you're entering it in a game, you may want to make it a much shorter loop. If a lot of people post songs on there and one is 4 minutes long and as repetitive as yours, it may just get pushed aside.

OpenLight responds:

Thanks for the review!

I've seen longer songs be submitted for this kind of game before, so I'm hoping this one would work haha.

Excellent, professional, and did I say awesome?

8-Bit. Love. That's all I can say. The introduction and breakthrough was very smooth, and it is extremely arcade-like. And the rave- oh, the rave. I danced to this song many times over. :D
This is great. I can see why you have many fans. I mean, I just met your music, but I'm already in love. This will not be the last time I see you, Mr. Elite Ferrex.


Only thought is, shouldn't the chorus sound more upbeat then the other part? Other thank that, I freaking love this music. I can never make long songs like this :P lol.

Great. Perfect.

The yoshi picture flashed in my mind, too. Guess it's not just him.

Perfect. I will try to make a medley of this and the other 3 parts, but not guaranteed; I find songs hard to make these days.

OpenLight responds:

Haha thanks for the review. Yoshi wasn't what was in mind, but I don't mind that visual, ha.

Yeah if you medley this, that'd be awesome. As for them being hard to make, do you use the pattern board thing and the mixer? You need to use patterns for sure. I thought I saw something before where you had full songs in one piano roll line. If you want, I can send you an flp file of some song I wrote so you can see what I've learned from other people about it.

Anyway, thanks!

A little long, but not bad.

This is good. :P

Vultyrex responds:

Thank you.

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