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Project Aquamarine

2013-11-26 17:28:25 by drew6464

- Mount Revenant

- The Aquamarines

- Oasiris

It's been too long.

2012-09-08 01:31:39 by drew6464

Bros, mos, shos. I am.... actually not really back...


So it's been just far too long since I've been active on my Newgrounds account, Audio-Portal-wise. I haven't uploaded anything, and looking at my past works is just plain embarassing. Yikes... makes me cringe a little.

I left a while ago without much notice because I felt as though what I were making was not actual music. A collection of synths that make a comprehensible melody was all I was getting out of it - but I couldn't derive any feeling from the music I played. Without another word I quit, hoping there would be a day I could start anew.

I think this is that day.

I really want to come back to synthetic music, especially since I got piano classes rolling again, but it's doubtful I'll be nearly as active as I was in, say, 2010. I want to roll out high-quality stuff I can be proud of. A new artist, a fresh start. And once again, I'll look to my two friends Openlight and RetromanOMG to see this happen, since my out-time has let them get too far ahead of me.

So I'll see you around, and we'll see what's next in line for NG.


2011-07-26 13:50:59 by drew6464

Music blocks sucks. I seriously have absolutely nothing to upload at this point.

But I'm trying to fix it!

STRATEGY 1: Put all of favorite Newgrounds songs into 2-hour medley via Audacity, listen to it while sleeping on repeat.

RESULT:Have nightmares about an 8-bit Waddle Doo trying to throw stars at me (I was probably listening to RetromanOMG's Fountain of Dreams Remix), wake up in cold sweat, find MP3 player scratched and on the floor.

SUMMARY: Well, that worked out well.

STRATEGY 2: Make songs on other than pure motivation.

RESULT: Too lazy to even try.

SUMMARY: I'm pretty much doomed...

Welcome, guys!

2011-04-05 11:02:52 by drew6464

Hey, I'm aware of the new income of random listeners this time around, so I'm just going to put up a quick welcome page. Sup, guys! Check out my music, that's really all there is on here. If you're not really interested in my style, go to for epic D'N'B, for 8-bit music, and for GEETARRR SOOOLOOOS! And, of course, for the most epic eargasm you have ever heard.

Make yourself at home!

Back in Black!

2011-01-29 18:51:29 by drew6464

I bought new headphones for my lousy new phone that doesn't have a proper headjack (only USB) and they're black. Besides, it rhymes. Can't blame a guy for trying.

Well, back from my minor haitus! The grass is green, the trees are red, the sky is blue, and my face WAS purple. I was sick for a while. Sorry about that, I'm going to make more songs this year. And it will be a good year indeed.
While I was gone, I noticed some more people gave my songs reviews, the main highlight GamekrazzyProductions, one of my idols in music. Thanks, Gamekrazzy, it means a lot! I wonder if Waterflame is next.
I'm finding it again difficult to do original songs, so I'll stick to remixes again for some time. Again, welcome back, and let's make the best of this year.

Good And Bad

2010-12-07 01:37:01 by drew6464

GOOD NEWS! A lot of publicity with my new contest.
BAD NEWS! People are arguing and even cussing about whether or not my "No Classical"
rule is stupid. Apparently half think it is, and half don't care. No one think's it is a GOOD idea. Oh, well. Food for thought.
GOOD NEWS! Uploaded new song, I'm euphoric.
REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD NEWS! Computer crashes, I inspect for damage, and ALL of my FL Studio projects (mustve been 40+) gone. I found the very first one I made in the Recycling Bin. WHY MUST YOU MOCK ME.
REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD NEWS! I searched myself on Google cause I was too lazy to go to my website today, and I found someone used my favorite song (Tribute to OpenLight) by my favorite person (me) for my favorite media (YouTube Video) about my favorite game (MineCraft.) Euphoric. And this just happened today.

Really sucks I lost all my files, but yay for people using my music on videos! For those who don't know about Minecraft, its pretty awesome. Video link here: puhk


Which emote do I follow.....

Piano Frenzy Contest!

2010-11-21 14:41:32 by drew6464

Lately, I've been making a bunch of unfinished songs on Piano. FL Keys has proven very useful, and so I'm holding a contest. I've seen OpenLight's crash'n'burn, so I hope mine does better.

Rules are:
-Most of the instruments must be piano, besides percussion
-No more than 2 minutes long, no less than 30 seconds
-Remixes of current songs allowed, just put piano in
-no explicit content

When you are finished post it here. Hopefully I'll have at least 1 by the deadline, December 26th.

EDIT: No longer FL Studio only. If using FL Studio, FL Keys recommended.
EDIT: Deadline is postponed to December 26th.


2010-10-10 23:24:08 by drew6464

"Huh? You were gone?" Not really. It's just, my desktop crashed and my video driver sucks and my mouse was bugged and my Internet Explorer was destroying my whole computer. So I got a new one! Funny how I just got it a few days after Open's broke down. (Not for him though.) I won't be doing any projects for a while, so sorry about that. It won't be a long wait, though, I promise.


So as a special treat, I'll put up some of my half finished projects until I get some of that musical creative juice in my brain flowing. And about the mega collab, I've never done one before. How do you do it?

Writer's Block...

2010-09-20 21:35:36 by drew6464

I have writer's block. And it's serious. I don't know what to write anymore...