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It's been too long.

2012-09-08 01:31:39 by drew6464

Bros, mos, shos. I am.... actually not really back...


So it's been just far too long since I've been active on my Newgrounds account, Audio-Portal-wise. I haven't uploaded anything, and looking at my past works is just plain embarassing. Yikes... makes me cringe a little.

I left a while ago without much notice because I felt as though what I were making was not actual music. A collection of synths that make a comprehensible melody was all I was getting out of it - but I couldn't derive any feeling from the music I played. Without another word I quit, hoping there would be a day I could start anew.

I think this is that day.

I really want to come back to synthetic music, especially since I got piano classes rolling again, but it's doubtful I'll be nearly as active as I was in, say, 2010. I want to roll out high-quality stuff I can be proud of. A new artist, a fresh start. And once again, I'll look to my two friends Openlight and RetromanOMG to see this happen, since my out-time has let them get too far ahead of me.

So I'll see you around, and we'll see what's next in line for NG.


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